Wedding Planner
Bodassa Basic

Before the wedding

Event Logistics

We coordinate the delivery and operation of every service in real time and form.

Check list contracted services

We creaqted a list with the descriptions of your serveces already contracted.

Event diary

We organized your wedding day services with certain schedules for each supplier, creating a lovely event.

Mounting design

We will make that your wedding have a unique stamp and with your own style, sithout forggeting the seasons trends.

Your Wedding Day

Wedding coordination

Supervision and coordination since the start to the end, will be ther all your wedding day.

Mounting and decoration supervision

We recived every suppllier on the event place for supervising el mountng and decoration of your wedding.

Suppliers control

We will take care from supervising everty schedule and services of every contracted supplier in your wedding.

Food and drink control

We supervise the correct use of the supply on your wedding.

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